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Mindfulness. Movement. Meditation.

What began as a yoga class for kids at Chicago Public Schools has evolved into a passion for teaching awareness, calm, and mindfulness to all ages, children and grownups alike. 

Project Pause is a holistic practice of mindfulness, movement and meditation.

Our sessions include yoga poses, breathing techniques, art therapy and physical activity in a fun, safe environment - and the benefits, ranging from tangible to emotional, are profound.

Carrie Baron

A firm believer in a work/life balance, Carrie is a social worker whose greatest joy and proudest work has been raising two "balanced" children. She fell in love with yoga after discovering its practice aligns with her strong values of both emotional

well-being and physical balance. Carrie believes that everyone can benefit from slowing down and tuning in, both on and off the mat.


Carrie earned her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University and is a certified yoga instructor.


Courtney Burk

Courtney’s career path has always revolved around children. After studying primary education and art therapy, she became a wardrobe stylist represented by Ford Models, working with kids for clients like American Girl. Forced to slow down when her newborn son

spent several months in the NICU, Courtney immersed herself in alternative paths to wellness, including yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Now proudly aligning her personal and professional goals, Courtney finds inspiration daily by teaching children creative expression, living in the moment, and combating stress as a way of healing. 

Courtney is a certified instructor in yoga, for both children and adults, and reiki.

Inner Peace, Online.

Unprecedented times call for adaptation and innovation. Now more than ever, Project Pause is available to help those navigating stress and uncertainty. We are thrilled to offer virtual sessions, specifically tailored to our participants, whether they are children, adults or a combination of the two.

Insta Gratification. 

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